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Sisters In Sync

Since 2016 Jolize and I have been collaborating on various projects while Anri joined the team in 2017.  Drawing from our diverse work experience and perspectives we create powerful brands and captivating content.

We develop future thinking brand strategies and build valuable relationships with our clients, understanding their needs.  Together we translate that into custom brand assets and content.

We can help with comprehensive Brand Development or a simple Brand Refresh

We love embarking on the adventure of Brand Development, diving into the deep end, and getting immersed in your products and services, organisational culture and values, and truly understanding your ideal audience and goals.


Our Goal: To capture and communicate the essence of WHO our clients are, WHAT they do and, most importantly, WHY.

Brand Application & Roll Out

The fun starts when we apply your logo and corporate identity to various marketing materials including:

  • Product Packaging

  • Corporate Stationery

  • Billboards & Signage

  • Flyers and Posters

  • Corporate Brochures 

  • Office & Retail Spaces

  • Social Media Content

We'd love to know more about your needs.


We get to know you and your brand identity. We define your ideal client and determine effective ways of communicating with them.


We explore novel and exciting ways to strategically showcase your brand on relevant objects and spaces.


We collaborate with web designers and developers to communicate your brand essence and develop your strategy.


We team up with industry-specific copywriters to fine-tune the message that communicates your brand. 

We follow a simple process to create memorable brand experiences: 

Analyse - Define - Explore - Strategize - Plan - Execute

My Approach


"I’ve had the pleasure of Delanie’s acquaintance over the past 9 years. Her personal growth and development have truly been impressive.


The dedication, passion and commitment she brings to every task she is assigned serves as an inspiration to all those around her.  


Her professionalism dictates her willingness to accept responsibility and full accountability for the outcomes/results she scores."

Colin Patterson  |  Marketing Director - SPAR Western Cape & Namibia

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