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Delanie is a dynamic leader, who always gets the job done in a professional manner with the end result exceeding expectations.

Dean Jankielsohn

Owner - Boland Superspar & Piquetberg Mall

SPAR Western Cape had the pleasure to work with Delanie Jooste for the last decade or so, developing retail materials, staff training and development and in general human resources function.
The character of Delanie Jooste is that of calm demeanour, yet very thoughtful, strategic and people-centred. In SPAR, Delanie becomes the go-to- person to consult within change management, input on material development and trying out new concepts. She is always looking for ideas and opportunities to do things differently, and more efficiently. We think that is the legacy she inspired and continue to inspire in SPAR.

Sipho Mathebula

HRD Manager - SPAR Western Cape & Namibia

Delanie’s personnel growth and development over the 9 years I’ve had the pleasure of her acquaintance has truly been impressive.


The dedication, passion and commitment she brings to every task she is assigned serves as an inspiration to all those around her.  


Her professionalism dictates her willingness to accept responsibility and full accountability for the outcomes/results she scores.


Colin Patterson

Marketing Director - SPAR Western Cape & Namibia

I have had the privilege of working with Delanie on various projects over the last 9 years.


Rarely have I someone who combines both intellect & passion so well. She is committed, enthusiastic and able to work with people at all levels.


She inspires people & has great leadership ability

We wish her every success in her new venture

Conway Nesbitt

Retail Operations Director - SPAR Western Cape & Namibia

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