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B.Comm (Hons) Human Resource Management & Integral Coach® 

Why work with me?

Simple. It's personal.

My motivation stems from my personal experience as I transitioned from employee to manager, to business owner.

Some of the challenges I have faced have had a lasting and at times painful impact on my personal and professional relationships. They have ignited a passion for sharing my knowledge, skills, experience, and support to create collaborative, constructive work environments that set teams up to exceed customer expectations and achieve excellence.

I help organisations, teams, and individuals to figure out:

  • who they are

  • where do they want to go

  • what might prevent them from getting there

  • what they need to do (and not do) to facilitate growth


I offer:

  • Leadership and Team Coaching

  • Internal and External Brand Development Programmes

  • Engaging, Customised Training and Development Programmes

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How do I
facilitate growth?


"As an Integral Coach®, I combine my knowledge, skills and experience with my creative, engaging and pragmatic approach to doing what I love – facilitating growth."

I facilitate growth in

I facilitate interactive conversations and visual facilitation workshops based on your needs, be it to define your identity, values, intentions, most valuable activities or to explore strategies for future challenges.

In this process, we determine ‘the gap’ and define goals and brainstorm action steps. 


We then set systems in place and assign accountability to ensure that your organisation stays on track and adjusts as needed to facilitate sustainable growth and development. 

I facilitate growth in

Teams function like living, breathing organisms.  They consist of different personalities from diverse backgrounds coming together to 'make things happen'.


High-performing teams know each other’s strengths and value everyone’s role and contribution. 

Clarity, alignment and healthy communication built on a strong foundation of trust and respect form the foundation of productive and impactful teams.

I work with teams to equip them with practical skills and routines that allow for better planning, communication and problem-solving to ensure that the organisation embraces and benefits from the diversity in the team.

I facilitate growth in

I believe that companies don't compete, produce, sell - people do. Therefore, nurturing individual motivation, performance and development remains part of any successful business strategy.

I facilitate important conversations in organisations about individual performance and expectations and co-create customised structured learning, mentoring and coaching programmes for managers and employees to keep them engaged, challenged, and satisfied.

“A seed today is a forest tomorrow.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo

I would love to unlock your team's unique potential and find customised solutions that add value to your organisation.


Let's Connect

I live and work from a beautiful fruit farm located on the mountain at Piketberg and have the privilege of working with clients across the Western Cape and Namibia and look forward to expanding these boundaries in the near future! 

Mouton's Valley Farm


Western Cape

South Africa

Tel:      +27 74 117 5743

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