B.Comm (Hons) Human Resource Management & Integral Coach® 

I am passionate about building brands and developing people. I am an internal & external Brand Management Consultant and Integral Coach®.  I help organisations identify their purpose & values & build internal & external brand communication strategies & skills that support excellence. 


I love to learn about the nuts and bolts of all kinds of enterprises and finding out what makes my client, their teams and their businesses 'tick'.  

My experience in the retail, agriculture and the event industries makes for an interesting and diverse toolkit which I employ to add value aligned with each business's specific needs; whether it entails developing and building their business brand or the team that they rely on to make it happen and to get things done in order to facilitate growth!

We offer:

  • Leadership, Employee & Team Development 

  • Leadership and Team Coaching

  • Organisational and Brand Strategy Workshops

  • Graphic Design & Content Development

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How can we

facilitate growth

in your organisation?


"I combine my post-graduate degree in Human Resource Management and Consumer Behaviour, my love for design and my practical management experience to do what I love."

We add value to


We facilitate a process of taking a snapshot of your business using our interpretation of the Business Canvas Model.


In this process, we define your business goals along with your most valuable products and services and clients and set systems in place and assign accountability to ensure that you remain focused on achieving your goals.


We also provide additional support to develop marketing and team development plans that support your goals.

We develop


Team dynamics are often complicated.  Different personalities with different backgrounds are expected to 'make things happen' and teams often need clear guidance and support to ensure that the organisation benefits from the diversity in the team. 


It is especially important to acknowledge everyone's role and contribution. We facilitate workshops that focus on developing high performing teams. Equipping members with practical skills and routines that allow for better planning, communication and problem-solving ensures that the team speaks the same language when it comes to achieving results. 

We develop


We believe that companies don't compete, people do, and that nurturing individual performance and development should be part of any successful business strategy. 

We can assist with succession planning and with developing a structured learning programme to keep high performing individuals engaged, challenged, and satisfied.

We also offer basic skills development that improves leadership, general efficiencies, and communication in the workplace.

If you can measure it, you can manage and improve it, and measure the improvement!

We often develop customised digital or more traditional pen and paper questionnaires to gain valuable insight and identify opportunities for development.  

Areas of Interest

Custom & Creative Training Solutions that promote practical skills development  |  Leadership Development
Productivity  |  Performance  | Leadership Coaching
Brand Strategy & Development | Visual Communication 
Graphic Design

I am inquisitive by nature and I combine my passion for learning and creating with my knowledge and experience into innovative, practical and customised solutions for my clients.  

Meet The Team

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Anri Jooste

Anri is a woman of many talents and helps keep the wheels turning to ensure that we get the job done! 

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Delanie Jooste

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Delanie orchestrates multiple projects at a time which include training and development, integral coaching and strategic marketing. 


Jolize Jacobs

Jolize has 10 years experience in the graphic design industry and specialises in packaging design.


Let's Connect

I live and work from a beautiful fruit farm located on the mountain at Piketberg and have the privilege of working with clients across the Western Cape and Namibia and look forward to expanding these boundaries in the near future! 

Mouton's Valley Farm


Western Cape

South Africa

Tel:      +27 74 117 5743

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