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EQ Teams
Practical Skills

Celebrating Organisational Growth through Individual Success

I work closely with teams to understand the needs of the organisation and the individuals in it to uncover potential blind spots, unhealthy habits, and untapped potential. With the desired outcomes defined, I combine training and development activities that will facilitate growth in the organisation.

Growing Organisations by Developing Emotionally Intelligent Individuals

Growth can be fast-tracked and focused by using the reliable and robust iEQ9 questionnaires which determine your personality type as well as your team style and provide in-depth reports that can be used to design targeted development programmes. This approach is more time and cost effective when compared to a ‘blanket style’ approach to development.

These questionnaires take about 30 minutes to complete and are available in English, Afrikaans, and a variety of other languages. 

The in-depth reports allow individuals and teams to understand their motivation, blind spots, strengths and challenges to improve:

  • Communication

    • Giving and Receiving Feedback

    • Conflict and Triggers

  • Decision Making

  • Leadership and Management

  • Team Behaviour


These tools also help teams determine their ‘Team Style’, creating greater awareness and, more importantly, conversations about and strategies for:

  • Communication, planning and goals

  • Unhealthy team behaviours

  • Leader and team dynamics

  • Underdeveloped styles

  • Team development

  • Shared values

Growing Organisations by Developing Practical Skills and Competencies

An effective, efficient leader must be able to plan, organise, inspire, and manage.

This includes optimising physical and human resources and abstract resources like time and energy. 

Ultimately, effective and efficient leadership starts with your capacity to manage yourself, which goes beyond traditional business hours.

I focus on developing the skills needed to develop your ability to:

  • focus on your most valuable activities

  • lead, motivate and develop your team

  • manage your time to achieve goals

  • plan and organise more effectively


I offer courses in:

Focus Management which

  • identifies your most valuable tasks

  • defines your personal and professional goals

  • applies updated time management principles and tools to equip you to better manage your time, your progress and your team in a digital age


Effective Communication which includes

  • action-orientated meetings

  • constructive feedback

  • effective delegation

  • active listening skills


Leadership Skills​

  • handling conflict and challenging employees

  • coaching and training skills for leaders​

  • planning and problem-solving skills

Learn | Remember | Do  |  Reflect

We all learn in different ways. My programmes ensure that everyone gets what they need to succeed.

Adult Learning is driven by the individual's motivation to learn.


To ensure that course content covers the learners' needs, I start each course with the very important process of defining the 'Why', along with measurable goals to clarify expectations and keeping all parties accountable in the learning process. 

Want to know more?


We explore your organisational goals and define the ideal team required for you to reach those goals.


We determine the skills needed to reach your goals and combine existing and customised training tools that facilitate growth.


We focus on practical skills development of the individuals’ ability to contribute and manage themselves and the team’s ability to work together and manage themselves, often combining these two approaches.


I take a goal-orientated approach to provide support and keep you accountable and on track to reach your goals.

Interested in Team or Leadership Coaching?









My Approach to Facilitated Learning

I take an action-orientated approach to learning that focuses on the application of knowledge and behaviour change that facilitates change in organisations.  My solutions include practical skills development, supported by tools and processes that ensure the application of newly acquired skills and knowledge.

We focus on establishing new habits that form the foundation of organisational and personal change.  I use critical thinking and brainstorming techniques to engage learners and challenge them to tap into their existing skills, knowledge and experience, to link the newly acquired skills and knowledge to their current neural network.

Training Testimonials


"What a great experience it was to deal with a consultant that REALLY understands and is willing to listen AND address your own unique challenges. Professional, compassionate and very proficient are some of the words that spring to my mind when thinking about Delanie.

Thank you for giving us hope on so many levels.”

Sarel De Meyer  |  Training & Development: Karsten Group

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