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6 Simple Steps to Get Unstuck in Stale Work Relationships

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

We all know that feeling you get when you enter 'that dance' with some of our managers or even our team members where you find yourself stuck in this 'you do your thing and I'll do mine' loop. These kinds of engagements can have a draining impact and rarely lead to positive and innovative outcomes and new ways of solving problems.

What if you try a new approach?

With this infographic, I offer a 6-step process that can help you to become more curious about new ways to refresh those stale work relationships.

When working with leaders and teams I often use this simple approach to redesign how they explore new ways of working together to build trust and respect while progressing to achieving their goals.

To read more about this approach, read my latest article published in Brainz Magazine, here.

Feel free to download the complete infographic with more reflection questions that will support you in the process of refreshing these stale working relationships.

6 Simple Steps to Get Unstuck in Stale Work Relationships
Download PDF • 76KB

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